Just a Website (no hosting)

Are you looking for a kimtown HTML website to host on your current servers? Use the links above to peruse the templates and when you are ready to pick one, simply CHECK OUT HERE and choose your template!

Clean line, elegant html websites. HTML websites are perfect for ALL viewers, photographers just starting out who want a classy way to show of their photographs or work well along side a flash site to aid in search engine placement. kimtown not only works with photographers, but small businesses of all types. From Artists to Interior Design to Winemakers and everything in between, kimtown can design a website that is perfect for your portfolio needs.

Flash sites are beautiful, BUT…While they may be fancy and flattering to your images and have nice transitions but the search engines, slow-connect users and certain viewers just don’t like them.

Flash websites have all of the information embedded in one flash file, therefore there is no text to search. A well-written HTML website will increase your engine stats and increase traffic to your website. It will also give your viewer another option to view your stunning portfolio.

Just recently Google announced that flash sites can be searched, but are extremely limited with the data.

HTML sites are perfect for those that need a portfolio website, including, but not limited to, photographers, artists, floral boutiques, children’s boutiques, or those that simply want an html site to mirror their flash site.

★Boost Search Engine Ratings

★Simple to use

★Simple to Navigate

★Loads faster and is more accessible to those on slow connections or slow computers

★People that have a hard time seeing may want bigger fonts; with a text based site, you can increase the size of your page therefore increasing the font

★Every web browser ever created is designed to interpret HTML code and display web pages. By having a site using HTML ensures every potential client will be able to view your site

★The latest technology still reads HTML! iPhone and iPad viewable!

FREEDOM (template and optional skins):
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PRIDE (template skins coming soon):
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LIBERTY (template skins coming soon):
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GLORY (template and optional skins):
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